Wednesday, October 28, 2015

“Broccoli” Breads and More

Is being overweight the fault of eating bread? Do you have to stop enjoying tortillas, muffins, breads and flats if you are going to lose weight?

Personally, I could not have lost my weight over four-and-a-half years ago if I was told I could not eat breads, tortillas, muffins and flats. For most, a lifestyle void of these items is not sustainable. Who doesn’t enjoy a sandwich or a wrap? I want my toast with my omelet! 

How can you find the best breads? The following are some starting points to consider when shopping for breads; however, to keep you from being overwhelmed, I have included a free PDF download which lists a few of my top breads, tortillas, flats, muffins and more. 

1. Ingredients

At the minimum, the best breads should be wheat bread; however, whole wheat or whole grain is the best option. Your body takes longer to break down whole grain breads resulting in feeling fuller longer. It is true that these breads will cause a slow rise in blood sugar levels which will put you into a fat storage mode so don’t eat these breads alone.

2. Calories per slice

Many breads - including whole wheat/grain breads - can be loaded with more calories than you need. For example, two slices of some whole grain/wheat breads contain over 100 calories per slice. Although these breads are not necessarily off limits, there are other lower calorie whole wheat/grain breads on the market that are a better option for making sandwiches.

3. Fiber

Fiber slows down your digestion making you feel fuller longer. Fiber also adds bulk to your stools making food move through your digestive tract more quickly for healthy elimination. Look for breads with a high ratio of fiber to calories.

4. Protein

Protein is the most difficult macro-nutrient (fat, carbohydrates and protein) for your body to digest. As a result, you feel fuller longer with high protein foods. Although most grocery store breads are not real high in protein, bread products with a good amount of protein will help you control your blood sugar levels and help keep you satiated.

I have compiled a list of a few of my top breads, tortillas, flats, muffins and more that we included in the Achieve Weight Loss lifestyle. I ate these products during my weight loss mode and I continue to sustain my weight loss by enjoying these products today. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

7 Keys to Winning the Weight Loss Battle

For years I struggled with my increasing weight. Everyone Monday I started a diet and by the next day I was off my diet. It wasn’t until I had a compelling reason to change that I decided to start eating differently. Less than twenty-four hours after I started my weight loss journey I was confronted with the challenge of eating out in a different city. In the past, I gave into the challenges, but this time I successfully defeated the Diet Demon and left the restaurant full and victorious! You can do it too!

Since weight loss begins in the mind, I want to share with you seven ways to win the weight loss battle. In addition, I want to send you a free download that will help assess if you ready to start your weight loss journey.

1. No More Magical Thinking
Face the reality that there is no magic pill, wrap, or product that is going to provide you with permanent lasting results. While these products may enable you to have rapid weight loss, they are temporary (and often expensive!).  Sustainable weight loss begins and continues with educated and empowered choices.

2. Stop Being Anxious
Too often we put unrealistic time restraints on weight loss. You did not gain fifty pounds overnight; therefore, accept the fact that you cannot lose fifty pounds in thirty days. Also, don’t feel like you have to know everything about every food option. Learning a sustainable way to eat takes time. Start simple and get fancy later.

3. Be Confident in yourself
You have the power to say “no”! As our Achieve Weight Loss t-shirts say, “I refuse to take orders from a cookie.” You do not have to be a slave to your food or your circumstances.

4. Focus on What You Can Eat, Not What You Can’t Eat
Don’t live in the world of “I can’t eat that”! Live in the world of “I can eat and enjoy that”! In the Achieve Weight Loss lifestyle you learn about hundreds of foods and products in your grocery store that enable you to live a sustainable and enjoyable weight loss lifestyle. Plus, we tell you about great substitutes for your favorite foods. There is no reason to be focused on a few items which you need to avoid a majority of the time. Remember, you can eat the junk food-just not every day.

5. Focus on more than the scales
Focus on how your clothes are starting to get loose. Focus on the return of your energy. Focus on and bask in the comments you are starting to receive. Focus on how far you have come on your weight loss journey. Focus on your victories!

6. Root out the Root
Weight loss followed by weight gain may be your way of coping with past trauma. Due to a past trauma, you feel you are unworthy to lose weight so you self-sabotage. Due to feelings of guilt or shame from the past, you may have convinced yourself that you cannot make a few simple changes to your lifestyle. Due to the past, you feel unworthy to be successful. If this describes you, pray and ask God to reveal to you the pain that is driving you to abuse yourself. Also, seek counsel from a pastor or counselor to help uncover the reason.

7. Love Yourself Unconditionally
If the God of the universe –who knows all about you-can unconditionally love you, then you have no reason not to love yourself!

Although we do teach you about food in your grocery store, at Achieve Weight Loss we also focus on the mind because weight loss begins in the mind. So, before you start any weight loss program make sure your decision to start is driven by a compelling reason.