Tuesday, December 29, 2015

5 Reasons Most People Fail at Losing Weight and How You Can Succeed

Since you are reading this blog, you may be one of the millions of individuals who has resolved to lose weight this year. Congratulations! If you will follow through on your New Year's resolution you can likely expect the following benefits:
  • Weight Loss
  • Reduced or elimination of medications
  • Greater mobility
  • More energy
  • Improved self-esteem/confidence
  • ...and the list goes on!

Notice I said "If you will follow through on your New Year's resolution" to lose weight you can expect these things. The sad reality is that most people will quit within a day or week of making the resolution. Here are a few reasons I think most will quit and what you can do to be success

Reason #1: I can exercise myself into weight loss

I used to think that way. I enrolled in martial arts classes and eventually received two black belts--but I was still 35 pounds overweight! I was in shape, but overweight! It wasn't until I changed my nutrition that the weight came off. Exercise is great and I highly recommend it, but it is the worst way to try to lose weight! It is for that reason that most people quit within a few days or weeks of the New Year.

Solution: Exercise but focus primarily on your nutrition.

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Reason #2: I have to deprive myself of good tasting food

The first three letters of the word "Diet" is "DIE"! Many people think that to lose weight they have to eat food with names they cannot pronounce, that tastes like cardboard or is boring. Who wants to live that way?! I haven't lived this lifestyle for almost 5 years eating exotic, bland or boring food! You can still eat eclairs as part of your lifestyle and lose weight!

Solution: Educate yourself about the tons of food options which will satisfy your cravings without causing you to store fat!

Reason #3: Sustainable Weight Loss is not possible

Have you had the experience of losing your weight and then regaining it? I have. Why does that happen. First, many people lose weight on an unsustainable diet plan. Once they get off the plan, they gain back the weight. Second, many people lose weight without understand how their program worked. They start making assumptions and the weight starts coming back because they were never educated about real food. Third, they never developed a weight loss lifestyle mindset. They may have learned nutritional information, but they never dealt with their mindset about food. 

 Solution: Develop a weight loss mindset coupled with knowledge about food. 

Reason #4: I live a fast-paced life

Who doesn't? Most of us live a fast-paced lifestyle complete with travel, kids, jobs, etc. People think that they cannot make fast food work for them, but they can! People think that they cannot eat health on the go, but they can!

Solution: Educate yourself about fast food options!

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Reason #5: I have to cook for too many people

I hear this one a lot. Yet, the reality is that your meals are going to have a protein and it is most likely going to be in one of the three protein categories we teach. You are going to have some sort of vegetable and/or fruit and they are going to be in one of the three carbohydrate categories. Yes, you may not be able to eat everything you fix for the kids, but you can eat the majority of it and still lose weight. 

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