Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Guide to Achieve Weight Loss

Although we are not (yet) a nationally known program, we are making a huge impact in Indiana and beyond. As we grow in popularity we are asked by people about how we compare to other programs. Here is a brief summary of who we are and how we are different:

1. We focus on the whole person

Weight loss begins in the mind. In each class we help participants build defenses in their minds against the "Diet Demon." In addition, each participant receives a daily one to three minute video motivational email to encourage, inspire and challenge them for the day.

2. We provide tools for success

In each classes we give multiple examples for grocery items that can be used for condiments, snacks, extras, freebies, meal replacements and meals. We also teach a basic food label reading for meats and how condiments.

3. We expose people to "void" replacements

There are no required product purchases on Achieve, but we sample out great "void replacements" for Snicker's bars, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Nestle Crunch Bars and chocolate no bake cookies. We also have great "void replacements" for Cheetos, chocolate turtles, nacho chips, and so much more. By the way, most of these items can be found in local grocery stores and/or nutrition stores.

4. We are a family

We are group-based and so we share our struggles and victories together. People do better when surround by other like-minded people.

5. We care about you

We are not here to sell a product or supplement line. We are not a multi-level marketing company. We do our best to personally respond to every email, Facebook message and phone call. We are constantly trying to improve with the goal of better serving people.

If you want to get a basic guide to Achieve Weight Loss, this will help you. Click the picture to enlarge.

On Tuesday, November 15th at 7:30 pm we will be hosting a live, interactive, free workshop. This is a great change to "test drive" Achieve. You can click the button below the picture to sign up and reserve your spot.

Free, online, interactive workshop plus a free downloadable workbook. 
Sign up today for the next workshop

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