Thursday, November 19, 2015

Avoiding the Thanksgiving Hangover

Several years ago I was losing weight on a diet program and I was so excited. I was having fun making meals out of their cookbook and I was seeing success...until Thanksgiving. The pumpkin pie, sweet potato casserole, chicken and noodles, etc. got the best of me, but it didn't stop there. A few days later the Christmas parties and events started. With only a few days between Christmas and New Year's day I just continued to eat like before the diet. My birthday is only a few days after New Year's day, so I continued in my old habits.

By the time the holiday season was over, I had regained my weight back-and then some. I was depressed and defeated. I didn't have the drive or the excitement I had before the holidays and so I didn't go back to my "diet" plan.

You don't have to be derailed by the holidays! You can enjoy Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas parties, Christmas dinner and New Year's celebration just like everyone else and not get derailed on your weight loss! I know because since losing my weight 4 1/2 years I haven't been derailed!

The following are some strategies to help you keep from being derailed:

1. Drink plenty of water on Thanksgiving Day
  • Water keeps you feeling fuller making you less likely to overeat. If you drink a glass of water before your Thanksgiving dinner you will get fuller much quicker!
  • Water is a natural lubricant so your food will easily move through your system.
2. Don’t "junk" every meal
  • Eat a simple, light breakfast of an egg whites, veggies, and whole wheat bread (Better yet, eat Achieve Weight Loss approved "Broccoli Bread.")
  • Eat a light supper following the big Thanksgiving meal. 
3. Don’t skip breakfast on Thanksgiving. You will be less likely to overdo it at the Thanksgiving meal.

4. Wear tight fitting clothes. The uncomfortable feeling will be a good reminder of why you need to limit your portions.

5. Skip the fillers like nuts and bread. 

6. Watch your portions. At Achieve Weight Loss we recommend that you use a 6-8" inch plate. Try using a salad plate instead of one of those gargantuan plates!

We cover many more ideas in our "Preparing for the Holidays" lifestyle class; however, I know that these six ideas can help keep you from getting derailed on Thanksgiving. If you want to know how you turn you Thanksgiving leftovers into fat-burning meals, download our PDF of meal ideas utilizing your Thanksgiving Day leftovers.

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