Friday, November 6, 2015

Why These Subway Choices Work PLUS Free Pocket Cheat Sheet

I spend a lot of nights teaching weight loss classes in churches, schools, businesses as well as my own training center. Many of those nights I am traveling back home in the late evening. I am hungry and tired.

It is at those moments many people stop at a fast food restaurant and make choices that send their bodies into fat-storing machines. However, it doesn't have to be that way!

With few exceptions, you can eat at any fast food restaurant and still burn fat. (Hint: you don't have to eat only the salads!) One of the easiest restaurant options is Subway.

I stop at Subway a lot when traveling back home after a long day of teaching people how to make food from their local grocery store work for them.

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In the FREE download, I am offering you several options at Subway which you can enjoy and still be in a fat-burning mode. Of course, these are not magical weight loss meals, but when they are eaten in the context of a "Healthy Day" they can keep the Fat Truck parked and your body in a fat-burning mode. Here are some reasons why they work:

1. They don't contain excessive calories. Calories are nothing more than a measurement of energy. Your body only needs so much energy. These foods supply you with enough energy to make it to your next meal. After all, that is all the energy you need-enough to get to the next meal.

2. They don't cause the Fat Truck to run. These meals and options will not cause your body to go into a fat storage mode. You can walk out of the Subway with plenty of energy from your food without causing your body to start the fat storage process.

 3. They supply your body with adequate intake of macronutrients
The macronutrients are: Fat, Protein and Carbohydrates. By having an adequate intake of these nutrients you will maintain muscle mass, have energy and enjoy health.

For your convenience, I have created a small, pocket-sized, fold-over sheet you can keep in your purse or wallet to help remind you of great, fat-burning options at your local Subway. If you make this a part of a healthy lifestyle, you can enjoy losing weight and-just as importantly-keeping it off.

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