Thursday, October 27, 2016

5 Tips for a Healthier Halloween

It’s that time of year again.  There is a crispness in the air and the trees are starting to change color.  Soon it will be that night when all the little ghosts and goblins are out with one thing on their minds……...CANDY!!!  But wait!  You are eating healthy.  How do you continue to eat healthy when you have all this candy in your house?  You could just turn your lights off, not buy any candy and ignore the sweet neighbor kids coming to your front porch.  You know if you do that, you will run the risk of having some toilet paper or eggs to clean up in your yard the next morning.  Here are 5 tips that will help you stay on track with your healthy lifestyle, let you enjoy the sweet neighbor kids and will assure you don’t have extra yard work!

Tip 1:  Stock up on some supplies so you get a treat too.  Be sure to have some Chocorite Patties or a Power Crunch bar for you to enjoy. 

Tip 2:  Buy candy that is not your favorite so you will not be tempted. 

Tip 3:  One way to quickly get rid of Halloween candy is to have a party or have some people over on Halloween night.  When they leave, let them take the candy with them.  That way you get all the fun and none of the leftovers! 

Tip 4:  Hand out some little toys instead of candy.  There are all sorts of Halloween pencils, rings and other little toys.  My personal favorite is glow sticks or bracelets.  The kids love them and it helps keep them safe!

Tip 5:  If Halloween is a planned junk day, give yourself permission to enjoy it but then get back to healthy days.  Don’t let Halloween derail you for a week.  We all know that candy is not good for us so don’t keep putting trash in your body for a week.

Remember, you can always use a combination of these tips too.  I usually get candy that is not my favorite and hand out glow sticks. 

Let us know if these tips were helpful or if you have some other ideas.  Happy Halloween! 

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