Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Enjoying Ice Cream While Losing Weight? YES!

Let me be honest, I could not live a weight loss lifestyle if I could not enjoy ice cream! I am not talking about an occasional scoop of ice cream one time a month. I am talking about the reality that I could eat ice cream every day and still be losing weight!

Diets often demand that you deprive yourself of those foods which give you pleasure. The first three letters of “Diet” spell “DIE” because the idea of a diet is you have eat things you don’t like or you can not enjoy food that brings you pleasure like ice cream. For that reason, so many people lose weight on a diet, but they cannot sustain that weight loss because the diet is not practical, sustainable or, at worst, not healthy.

We have research common ice creams which you can find in your grocery store. We have rated these ice creams in terms of the best impact carb to protein ratios and calories per serving. We have also included recommended portion sizes.

One question you may have is: How do they make these ice creams taste good without the fat storage effects of regular ice cream? In the case of most of these ice creams, they sweeten the products with sugar alcohol. Sugar alcohol is an organic compound derived from sugars. The reason sugar alcohols are better than sugar is they have less effect on your blood sugar level and don’t cause a rapid blood sugar spike leading to fat storage. You can tell if a product uses sugar alcohols by looking for ingredients with the “itol” ending. In some cases, excessive consumption of sugar may result in gastric distress. Most of the ice creams use the sugar alcohols Sorbitol, Maltitol or Erythritol.

Another way many of these ice creams are sweetened is with sucralose-which commercially known as Splenda©. Unlike sugar alcohols, sucralose has no dietary energy because the majority of it is not digested by the body; hence it passes through the body.  Sucralose has been subjected to extensive short-term and long-term studies in both animals and humans and has been shown be safe and is approved for use in over 100 countries. However, if you are concerned about the consumption of artificial sweeteners, there are a couple ice cream options for you which do not use artificial sweeteners like Sucralose.

Please note that simply eating these ice creams are not the key to weight loss. Effective, long-term, sustainable weight loss is a lifestyle of healthy choices throughout the day. However, it is good to know that those choices can include ice cream!

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