Saturday, October 15, 2016

Safe Pre-Popped Popcorn for Losing Weight

For most of us, living a lifestyle without being able to enjoy popcorn would not be fun. In fact, a lifestyle with no popcorn is a DIET! But let’s face reality: popcorn is not particularly health food and it can easily derail weight loss! What are the problems with popcorn and are there any options? Let’s start with the problems.

Problem #1: Microwave popcorns can be loaded with fat.
Fat is not evil, but many microwaveable popcorns over sixty percent of the calories can be coming from the fat. Plus, the fat combined with the higher carbohydrates inherently in popcorn can lead to driving out the Fat Truck resulting in fat storage.

Problem #2: Popcorn is not very satiating
This doesn’t automatically eliminate popcorn from a weight loss lifestyle, (Whew!), but you need to know that you are not going to get a long-last sense of fullness from the popped corn kernels. Popcorn has very little protein, which helps with satiation, so it won’t provide you with long term satisfaction.

Problem #3: Popcorn can be high in sodium
Popcorn itself is not inherently high in sodium, but due to the toppings some popcorn products may be much higher in sodium than others.

Despite these potential problems with popcorn, you can still enjoy them as part of a weight loss lifestyle for a couple good reasons. Here are a few good reasons to enjoy the right popcorns guilt-free:

Guilty Free #1: Popcorn can be low in calories
There are two-sides to the weight-loss coin: 1) Calories and 2) How the calories are processed. Depending on how the popcorn is prepared, it can be a low calorie food. Good popcorns are not loaded with extra calories due to fat.

Guilty Free #2: Popcorn is higher in fiber
Popcorn is not a high fiber food compared to broccoli, but it does have dietary fiber. This slows down the digestion of the popcorn resulting in a lower impact on blood sugar. Popcorn does contain a good amount of carbohydrates in the form of starch, but the fiber helps to keep the impact low. Popcorn is not a high protein food, but it does contain some protein also resulting in a lower impact on blood sugar. 

In this download, we are examining our top pre-popped popcorn pics (we will provide our top picks of the microwaved versions in the near future). There are many versions of popcorn on the market and it can be confusing to know which ones are the best. For that reason, we created a handy little guide ranking popcorns based on the following criteria per serving:

  • ·         Calories
  • ·         The ratio of fat to calories
  • ·         Impact Carbohydrates to Protein Ratio

We’ve also included a couple suggested additions to your popcorn snack which will result in longer satiation and great fat burn all while keeping calories in a snack range.

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